Anne was born and grew up in Ft. Smith, Arkansas where she began to study art at age eight with St. Scholastica's Sr. Roberta who passed on much, including how art can be a connection to spirituality.

As a young adult working in interior design in New York City, Anne became interested in psychoanalytic theory, desiring to know something of the psyche or soul. She completed MD training at Chicago Medical School & psychiatric residency at Stanford University in 1983.

She lived for 10 years in Palo Alto & for 16 years in Monterey County, California, practicing psychiatry with an emphasis on depth therapy. As psychiatry became more medicine-oriented, Anne joyfully began to make art again. She retired to half-time psychiatry in 1997 and retired fully in 2004, devoting her time to making art.

She studied fine art & fine-art photography with William Giles and Eric Bosler, who were both important mentors. Will Giles and Anne had a formal, regular, private instruction arrangement for six years wherein Anne learned much about art's depth and breadth (as well as techniques) passed from Alfred Steiglitz to Minor White to William Giles to Anne. Eric Bosler and Anne worked together on a formal, regular basis for four years honing qualities and techniques of fine art and fine art photography.

Her various projects have received recognition & awards in many juried competitions over the years.

In 2006, Anne returned to Arkansas where her family's lived since 1838. Her great grandfather was General Bonneville, who opened up the great Northwest Territories, leading expeditions commissioned by four U. S. Presidents. Her grandfather, Chris Reichardt, was one of the first architects from the University of Arkansas which presently houses his beautiful, original architectural drawings in their Special Collections. Anne restored a farmhouse just outside of Fayetteville when she returned in 2006, and, in honor of the beautiful Ozark environment, created a two acre stroll garden with earth art & sculptural elements to enhance & preserve the rustic, Ozark aesthetic.

Stanislavsky’s Method is an important part of her artistic process. Her most enduring aesthetic interests are the various, ever-changing, ephemeral energies surrounding figure and objects, or, the relation between humans and Earth-space. Anne lives outside the 'box' & makes art relatively free from irony and from the status quo, and in the hope that art makes for change.



Marfa Fracking-Pipeline Project, Livng ArtSpace of Tulsa, OK, May of 2018

Fracking the Mother,  Artists Laboratory Theatre, Fayetteville, AR, 2017

Orlanda, Regional Art Museum, Ft. Smith, AR, March-July 2015 

Reichardt's Stroll Garden for Peace & Serenity, The Omni Garden Tour; Fayetteville, AR, 2012  

Favorite, Sculpture and Earth-Art Garden, The Omni Tour; Fayetteville, AR, 2011

Does A Dog Have Buddha Nature? St. Paul's Gallery, Fayetteville, AR, 2009  

Many Traces of Liberation, The Hartnell Gallery, Monterey Co., CA, 2006

Into the Deep Blue Now, Sylvia White Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, 2004

Straddling the Threshold, Blackstone Gallery, Monterey Co., CA, 2002

Still Light, P. G. Art Center, Pacific Grove, CA, 1997

Light Around the Body, P. V. Cultural Center, Palo Verdes, CA, 1996


Irene Hoffman Juried Exhibit, Seven Degrees Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA, 2006

Art & Industry, Union St. Gallery, Chicago Heights., IL

The Karpeles Museum Exhibition, Santa Barbara, CA, 2005

Black on White, G Ray Hawkins Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Woman As Symbol, Juried Exhibit for Intergal Studies, San Francisco, CA, 2004

Seeing Red, Angels Gate Arts, San Pedro, CA

Lankershim Gallery's Juried Competition, Hollywood, CA

Masur Museum's Juried Exhibition, Monore, LA

Made in America, Lon Beach Arts, CA, 2003

Day of The Dead, Hartnell Gallery, Monterey Co., CA, 2002

National Juried Awards Exhibit, Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA, 2002

National Juried Awards Exhibit, C. for P. Art, Carmel, 1999

National Juried Group Exhibit, The Digital Art Center, Boca Raton, FL, 1998

Cherry Center for the Arts, Carmel, CA, 1997

Henry Miller Library Exhibit, Big Sur, CA, 1996